Troja Walker+Forearm Rests


Categories: SKU: WA17

Another exceptionally cleverly designed product that enables the user to stand much more upright. Has a practical seat and braking system. Designed and Manufactured in Norway and comes complete with a 7-Year Warranty. It is available in 3 different sizes: Medium, Small, and Petite or Extra-small.
Product Weights: Medium: 8.8kg, Small: 8.5kg and Petite/Extra-Small: 8.2kg.
Armrest Heights: Medium: 98-117cm, Small: 84-100cm and Petite / Extra Small 84cm to 96cm. Overall length: 65cm (26.5″) and Width: 33cm to 35cm.
Maximum User Weight: Medium: 135kg (21st). Small: 125kg (19.6st)
Petite/Extra Small: 80kg (12.6st).


Medium, Small, Petite/ Extra Small