Side-Fastening Pads

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Side-Fastening Pads
Designed to meet the needs of heavy to severe urinary and / or faecal
incontinence. Features include a stay-dry barrier, resealable side taps. The
anti-leak protection ensures both clothes and chairs are protected and remain
dry. Suitable for use by both men and women.
Small (23.5-43″). Absorbency: 2.19Litres. Pack Size 20.


Small (23.5-43"). Absorbency: 2.19Litres. Pack Size 20., Medium (31-51"). Absorbency 3.4Litres.Pack Size 20., Large (41.5-59").Absorbency 3.58Litres. Pack Size 20., Extra Large (43-63"). Absorbency 4Litres. Pack Size 20.