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Reclining Self-Propelled & Transit Wheelchairs (Crash-Tested). Designed for
comfort and posture stabilisation. Anti-sliding V-shaped seating system. The
armrests are coupled to the backrest so they can still be used when reclining.
Elevated leg and footrests extend without compression. Bracing bar increases
overall stability and makes manoeuvring easier. Ergonomic head-rest relieves
tension on the user’s shoulders and neck.
Seat width: 37, 40, 42, 45, or 50cm. Seat Depth: 42 or 46cm. Seat & Backrest
height: 51cm (20″). Total product weight: 20kg (44lbs). Overall length: 118cm
(46.6″). Overall width: 57cm 22.5″).
Maximum User Weight: 115kgs (18st)


Self-Propelled, Transit

Seat Width

Seat Width: 15", Seat Width: 16", Seat Width: 17", Seat Width: 18", Seat Width: 20"

Seat Depth

Seat Depth: 16.25", Seat Depth: 18"