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Use a wheelchair specialist whenever you need a wheelchair. Advice is often free and they can help to identify your needs and correctly match requirements. They also, provide cost-effective and speedy after-service whenever it is needed too. Wheelchairs may look similar and often come with pretty much the same features. Quality of engineer and manufacturing is however, important for reasons of comfort and safety. Never forget that usually price reflects quality and if you pay a fair and reasonable price, you have a right to expect fair and reasonable quality. A wheelchair must be comfortable so pay attention to weight restrictions, seat sizes, and any other special requirements and considerations. If you can, do try before you buy or at least ensure that there is a practical and enforceable returns-policy in place.

Although OPT4MOBILITY does supply power-wheelchairs and more highly adaptable manual-wheelchairs wheelchairs, they mostly supply a proven selection of standard manual-wheelchairs. These wheelchairs have been well engineered and manufactured and this is especially important because, we look after the after-service care ourselves too. Do not forget to ensure that your wheelchair has a suitable maximum user weight and that the seat size is appropriate. These days most modern wheelchairs are made of aluminium which makes them light and easier to fold for stowing in motor vehicles. We also have an ultra lightweight wheelchair in our range which makes it perfect for those with bad backs, or those wishing to avoid them, as they are far easier to load into cars.